"When it breaks, hurts". Video. 1´05´´
"Entonces duele". Video 1´05´´
I use jello as analogy to show a metaphor about the mechanism of desire and the concept of risk intrinsic to it. 
Love as the amorphous liquid colour that adheres to objects. Sex as the jello ritual that needs to be repeated over and over in the same way. Desire as the molds where the jello solidifies and when it breaks, it hurts.
 It is a performance installation about how people usually deal with satisfaction and perdurable desire. In kitchen- laboratories are presented real jell-os and different substances, materials in different states, photography, videos and performance. This is part of Amorsexoydeseo, a transmedia project to connect people with pleasure. Our perceptions are the primary communication channel that we have as humans and also what connect us with the vital social thing and the things itself. 

Es una performance instalación acerca de cómo las personas manipulan la satisfacción y la perdurabilidad del deseo. En una cocina-laboratorio son presentadas gelatinas reales en diferentes estados de descomposición, fotografía, videos y performance. Parte del proyecto transmedia Amorsexoydeseo para conectar a las personas con el placer. Nuestras percepciones son nuestro primer canal de comunicación que nos conecta con la cosa vital y social.

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